Useful Drinks for Eye Health

Useful Drinks for Eye Health

Your eye requires a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain and work effectively. Spending more time on the computer, stress, and even some weight-loss foods and diets are not only harmful to eye health, but can also cause many diseases.

Proper nutrition is extremely important for eye health. For example, some vitamins help renew your eye cells. When you stop taking these vitamins, you notice that your eyes have difficulty focusing in a dark environment or when dark.

In this case, your eyes hurt and get tired. To avoid this, you should consume some vitamin-rich foods. Some of the foods in question are carrot, spinach, milk, butter and egg yolk.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in all of the fresh vegetables and in addition to its antioxidant effect, it contains folic acid, iron and so on. Because it contains ingredients, it provides a great benefit to our body. Vitamin E is found in foods such as orange, lemon, gretfurt, strawberry, raspberry.


Useful Drinks for Eye Health

Carrot, Apple and Spinach Mix

This mixture not only for your eyes, but also for your teeth, skin and hair. It is recommended that you drink for breakfast in the morning.

For single serving;

-1 piece of carrot,

-1 apple,

-3 fresh spinach leaves,

-1 tablespoon of wheat germ,

-1 cup of mineral water is enough.

Preparation of:

-Wash carrots and apples beautifully and remove the apples’ beans.

-After washing the spinach, mix all the ingredients.

-When you get a liquid mixture, add the water and mix for a while.

-Finally add the wheat germ and immediately for. This is a great drink for your drink.


Beetroot, Carrot and Apple Juice

As you’ll notice, in this mixture there are apples and carrots; because these two foods are indispensable for eye health. But this time, we will add beet. You ask why? Because the apple and carrot up your eyes and care contains both A and E vitamins.

Materials :

-1 beet,

-1 apple,

-1 carrot,

-1 glass of mineral water

Preparation of :

-Wash beets, carrots and apples beautifully. Pass them through the mixer until a small, precise and homogeneous mixture is obtained.

-Add the mineral water to your mixture.

-If you want your drink to be more special and fragrant, you can squeeze some lemon into it.

-Do not forget to drink this drink on an empty stomach.

-Either early in the morning or before dinner.

Blueberry Mix:

Blueberries have an incredible effect on your eyes thanks to the antioxidants in it. In addition to your eye, it has very positive effects on your intestines, kidneys and metabolism. For this reason, the whole body is an indispensable food for your health.

Materials :

-50 Grams of Blueberries,

-1 cup of milk

Preparation of :

-This mixture is very easy to prepare. Just take fresh blueberries from the market and add the milk to the mixer.

-When you mix, you will see that you get a dense, pink and characteristic mixture.

-You can add some sugar or cream to sweeten your drink or drink it as it is. The choice is up to you.

-Think of this drink as an eye medicine you can consume at breakfast every morning!

Papaya Mixture:

Papaya has many positive features in terms of health. It is an antioxidant, helps digestion, heals wounds, has relaxing and relaxing properties, has pain relief and antiseptic functions and is diuretic.

In addition to these, it is good for our senses of sight and hearing and strengthens the airways. Papaya is a gift from nature that we can use in many ways.

Materials :

-50 grams of papaya

-2 tablespoons of natural yogurt

-Half a glass of low-fat milk

Preparation of :

-Peel the papaya and remove the seeds.

-Then cut into small pieces and pass through the mixer.

-Then add yogurt with milk and mix well.

-To take advantage of all the features of the mixture immediately.

-You can throw some sugar or you can consume it as is.

-It is recommended to drink this mixture in the morning or at noon.


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