Non-surgical glasses lifting exercises

Non-surgical glasses lifting exercises

For Western medicine, eye disorders could only be removed with glasses, lenses and lasers, whereas the Tibetans were able to do this only with exercise.

Throughout generations, Tibetans used natural methods to correct visual disturbances and sharpen their views. The most important of these methods was some eye exercises that proved to be useful throughout the ages. The figure below is a pattern that Tibetans use to perform exercises that correct the eye disorders by stimulating the nerves and muscles in the optic system of the body.

Eye muscles focus on just like the shutter release of camera. The aim of these execises is to strenghten the eye muscles to make the eyesight better. The exercises which you do in the morning and evening for a few minutes, will show its effect and you will see the exact result in a month.


You need to do these exercises without glasses or lenses. Make each movement in the sitting position for thirty seconds, see straight across and move your eyes, not your head during eye movements.

1-Cover your eyeballs with the bottom of your palms and rest your eyes. Loosen your eye muscles

2-Move your eyes clockwise to follow the points in the tip

3-Repeat this movement counterclockwise

4-Look at the dots on your eyes 2-8 (right top and bottom left)

5-Repeat this movement between 4-10 hours (bottom right and top left)

6-Blow your eyes briefly and finish the exercise again by closing your eyeballs with the bottom of your palms and loosening your muscles

You can do as much as you want, not to force your eyes. After you start treatment, use your glasses or lenses as little as possible. You won’t have to use it after a while. Treatment may take too long. Do not leave without saying. Although the treatment process varies from person to person, it has been seen by the practitioners who fell 1 degree within 4 months to 1 year thanks to this exercise.

The process of shaping and repairing the arch of the back of the eye requires specific exercise, but also an essential nutritional program especially for the eye. Just like all other muscles, the eye muscles need exercise and nutrition to develop.

Keep away from hydrogenated polyunsaturated fats (trans fatty acids) to protect your eyes and use additional selenium.

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