Color Blindness Test

COLOR BLİNDNESS TEST The color sense is formed by the cones in the retina layer of the eye. In general, inherited color blindness is the result of insufficiency of these cells in color perception. These are possible in many ways. One of them is the following test. The person must be able to correctly perceive […]

Non-surgical glasses lifting exercises

Non-surgical glasses lifting exercises For Western medicine, eye disorders could only be removed with glasses, lenses and lasers, whereas the Tibetans were able to do this only with exercise. Throughout generations, Tibetans used natural methods to correct visual disturbances and sharpen their views. The most important of these methods was some eye exercises that proved […]

Useful Drinks for Eye Health

Useful Drinks for Eye Health Your eye requires a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain and work effectively. Spending more time on the computer, stress, and even some weight-loss foods and diets are not only harmful to eye health, but can also cause many diseases. Proper nutrition is extremely important for eye health. For […]

Methods to increase your vision

Methods to increase your vision Would you like to increase your vision and prevent future diseases in your eyesight? You should often perform eye exercises to prevent damage to the computer screens from over looking. Eye health and vision problems have increased in recent years. Although many people ignore it, this is a problem with […]

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