9 Tips to Protect Eye Health

9 tips to protect eye health

Healthy eyes are essential for a healthy body. It may be possible to maintain eye health with some points to be considered in daily life.

We can summarize the points to be considered for strong and healthy eyes with 9 items. If you see a near or far without a problem, you do not have any problem with eye health.

To protect our eye health we can list the following:

Book a Doctor:

Many eye diseases progress insidiously and are revealed through in-depth analysis of the doctor. In addition, regular physician control allows for early diagnosis of eye diseases that can cause permanent visual loss and to detect many systemic diseases. Remember, the first signs of the most dangerous diseases are revealed in the eye. This is the reason that every year you have to make your eye examination.

Do not ignore any signs of eye:

Even small problems in our daily life can cause irreversible damage to our eyes. Even a rash or itch in your eye can initiate this process. Therefore, when we encounter such conditions as redness and itching, we should first apply cold water dressing and provide artificial tear supplementation with the moisture needed by the eye. However, if symptoms persist and increase (burning, stinging, excessive burring, light rays, etc.), consult your physician.

Eat healthy:

Especially for our eyes health is a must-have food. Carrot, carrot juice, mango, orange juice, melon, cabbage, spinach and the head of the fish draws these foods should not be missing from our table and should be part of the daily nutrition routine. You should also keep your weight balanced by keeping your weight balanced according to your body index. Because excess weight invites many eye disorders. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) and karatarak are just a few of these diseases.

Always use sunglasses:

Nowadays, as a fashion object, it takes on the role of complementary clothes, but sunglasses have more importance than we think. Certified sunglasses serve as a shield for your eyes while protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. For this reason, you should be extra careful when choosing glasses and not according to fashion, you should choose according to your eyes. In particular, you should note that the glasses comply with the EN 1836 standard.


Restrict computer use:

Looking at the computer screen does not cause any refractive errors, but with a more open-minded expression, ğ blind eye vision, but what we call ”computer vision syndrome bakmak is caused by a number of problems that are more compatible with eye symptoms. It has been proven by scientific studies that the blink reflexes of people decreased during computer use. This may cause redness, watering, blur and fatigue in the eyes later in the day. In short; Although the use of computers does not cause a direct eye problem, it can cause serious damage to the eyes indirectly.

Take breaks periodically:

If you have a busy work schedule and you have to work long hours at the computer, make sure to take breaks at certain intervals. You can set these intervals per hour. All you have to do is look away from the computer screen for a long time, away from the computer screen or out of the window.

Do not smoke:

If you smoke, leave it as soon as possible. Because it doesn’t stop counting the effects of smoking on the eye. Smoking is the most important cause of age-related yellow spot degeneration. It also accelerates cataract formation and dry your eyes. It causes arteriosclerosis because of its arteriosclerosis. The result? Irreversible visual loss.

Use numbered glasses:

we need to talk about a common misconception. He also thinks that the number one glasses cause the popular laziness and eye distortion. Many eye and vision discomfort increases as age progresses. That is to say, using eyeglasses does not disrupt our eyes, but allows them to function more effectively.

Investigate the history of eye disorders in your family:

Diseases of your relatives give you many clues. By reviewing eye diseases in the family, you can decide whether you are at greater risk for some diseases and take precautions.

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