10 Easy Exercises That Will Rest Your Eyes İn Days

10 Easy Eye Exercises That Will Come In Useful To The Tired Eyes During The Day

Unfortunately, we don’t think of our eyes when we spend hours in front of computers, televisions or smartphones that can’t be dropped by our hands. Does dryness, itching, headaches sound familiar?

You can leave behind these problems, which we all are very familiar with during the day, with this content that we have compiled to these problems, and eye exercises that take only 10-15 minutes a day. If you don’t think of it every day, you should try it when it comes to your mind, you will feel the difference.

1-Rest your eyes in the dark.

Put your elbows on the table. Close your eyes and cover your eyes with your palm. Relax and look at the darkness. Wait a few minutes at this position.

2-Move your eyes in a horizontal line

Stand straight or sit down. Focus on what you see and look to the left without removing your head while looking straight ahead. Then look right and focus on what you see. Move your eyes 5 times in this horizontal line. Repeat this cycle three times

3-Move your eyes up and down

Do what you do in the horizontal line up and down this time. Do not hesitate to squint your eyes or frown. Complete this movement to make your eyes comfortable.

4-Move your eyes between the cross points.

Look leftdown while looking straight ahead. Then move your eyes cross and look up right up. Focus on what you see. Repeat the exercise five times, then look straight ahead and do the same thing in the other direction. Repeat the entire cycle three times.

5-Pretend you’re following a circle with your eyes.

Sit down and relax. Look left and slowly turn your eyes clockwise in a circle. Clockwise five times, then do it counterclockwise five times. Repeat the entire cycle three times.

6-Close and distant focus

Focus your eyes on a pencil or any object near you. It should be 20-30 cm away from your eyes. Then focus on a more distant object and try to see in detail. again focus on more pen.. Change your focus five times. Repeat this cycle three times.



Stand straight or sit down. Look straight ahead. Concentrate on the point between your eyebrows. Focus on what you see for a few seconds. Then look straight ahead again.Change this focus five times. Repeat the cycle three times.



Like the exercise above, but this time, focus on the center of your nose and not the middle of your eyebrows and repeat the same.



Close your eyes. Then tighten your eyes tightly for 2-3 seconds and then leave the muscles around your eyes. Close tightly again. Repeat this ten times.


Close your eyes. Massage by gently pressing your eyelids with circular movements. Try not to press too hard. Repeat this ten times first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Other exercises here:https://www.eyeexercise.net/methods-to-increase-your-vision/

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